The 25 Most Damaged Kids On TV

11. Behrooz Araz

Portrayed by: Jonathan Ahdout
Series: 24
What's his damage: The Araz’s of 24 Day 4 take the term nuclear family to another level. They start the day off working in concert with the main bad guy to do a lot of Really Terrible Things over the next day (remember, this is the season that saw the Secretary of Defense’s kidnap, several nuclear reactors shut down, and an attack on Air Force 1) and literally the entire family is in on it, including teenaged Behrooz.

Naturally, the faux assimilation has had some lasting effects, mostly in the name of a pretty young thing played by a pre-Gossip Girl Leighton Meester, and Behrooz starts second-guessing the movement. Worse yet, his girlfriend follows him to a hideout under the pretense that he’s lying. His downright terrifying mother Dina calls the girl over, just to make Behrooz kill her as a sign of re-dedication, while his father plots to have him killed anyway for the transgression. By the end of the day, he’s alive, his parents and his girlfriend are dead, and we’re left with no clue as to his fate. Our best guess? Years of juvenile detention center therapy. 

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