The 25 Best Actors in Their 20s

Garrett Hedlund

Age: 28
Notable Role: Dean Moriarty in On the Road (2012)

Hedlund carries himself in such a way that you can't help but draw comparisons to classic American actors like Robert Redford. The 28-year-old brings a certain grit to his performances, and with his good looks, we assume college girls of 2073 will have posters of him on their wall, as you see with James Dean now.

He's able to play whatever is thrown at him, from his supporting bit in the crime drama Four Brothers to the leading role in the sci-fi remake Tron: Legacy. But it's his role in On the Road as Dean, the charismatic late 1940s party boy that truly cinched the deal. Hedlund's the next quintessential American actor.

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