And so our adventurers reach their conclusion

There's more to it than just more enemies to shoot (though we've got to admit that we love nailing dragons with double shotguns). Gearbox hasn't announced any more Borderlands 2 expansions beyond this, and it seems like "Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep" will be the last DLC for the game. If so, it's a fitting farewell to the series so far.

Tina's adventure is steeped in denial; the denial of the real world that all fantasy-lovers enjoy when they embark on an epic quest, of course, but also the denial of a young girl who won't (or can't) admit that she's lost some dear friends. Characters who die in Borderlands 2's main game are alive and well in Tina's fantasy world, and despite the other characters' attempts to ground her in reality Tina seems determined to keep them alive in her game.

It culminates in a truly touching ending (after a fucking epic boss fight, thankfully). And not just touching by Borderlands' standards; we're talking real issues like the stages of grief and acceptance of death, with some tear-jerking moments for fans who've invested even a little bit in these characters. 

Along the way Gearbox demonstrates how in-tune it is with gamer culture while also tackling controversial topics like "fake geek" bullying (just because Mr. Torgue takes care of his body doesn't mean he's not into geeky shit!) and the rampant sexism in our little slice of society. As hilarious and on-point as most of the writing in the Borderlands series is, "Dragon Keep" elevates it to surprisingly emotional heights. Or in D&D terms, it rolls for initiative and scores a 20 nearly every time.

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