The picture above looks pretty amazing, doesn't it? Doesn't that look like a lovely, quaint little brunch spot? What could be more enjoyable than a lazy Sunday afternoon dining in the heart of Greenwich Village? We don't know because we can't afford to eat at that place, so let us know if your parents ever take you there when they visit. We're the people trying to get down the sidewalk as customers enjoy their eggs benedicts and mimosas.

You'll notice that the chairs plus the chalkboard with clever puns leaves no room for any pedestrians to walk. This means that every block or so, you'll be forced to jump down off the curb and come within inches of a cab driver's bumper. The good news is that the honking and cursing of the driver will bother the restaurant patrons just as much as it bothers you.

It used to be that brunch was largely contained to the late morning/early afternoon and was focused in lower Manhattan. These days, brunch begins at sunrise Saturday, lasts through sundown on Sunday and shuts down the sidewalks in three boroughs and parts of the Bronx. As far as we know, they don't brunch on Staten Island, but finding that out definitively would require Sunday morning trip to Staten Island—not going to happen.