Remember those lovely summer days of your youth when you would stroll down to the local ice cream shop and grab a vanilla cone for a dollar? Treasure those memories, because those days are long gone. New York's culinary entrepreneurs discovered long ago that they can tack the word "artisanal" on to any dish and double the price, no questions asked. Church the name up a little bit, by, say, calling the dish "gelato" instead of ice cream and the sky is the limit on how much you can coerce people ino paying for your gourmet frozen concoction. You can try to be stubborn if you want and avoid a seven dollar "gelato," or the equally overpriced fresh shaved ice and artisanal popsicles, but the only other option will be a five dollar Sponge Bob Squarepants pop sold out of a sketchy guy's cart in the park. Bon Appetit!