A Manhattan resident claims that a creepy neighbor brutally killed her rescue dog with a meat cleaver last week. According to Karma Pet Rescue founder Laura Simpson, her mixed pit bull, Grumpy, was tied to a banister in the building last week when Weimer Espinosa's dog approached it. Grumpy got a hold of the other dog's cheek, and right before Simpson said she was going to put a stop to the situation, Espinosa allegedly hacked the dog "from his tail to his collar and all the way down to his lungs."

Simpson rushed Grumpy to the Animal Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Her anguish over the loss of her beloved pet is amplified by her claims that the police and ASPCA are not taking the matter seriously. However, both the police and ASPCA say they have no information or reports about the incident.

[via Gothamist]