Bottle service veterans known as "TheSix" have joined forces to take over the New York nightlife scene, an industry dominated by men. The women, who have worked at clubs including Cheetah, Mansion, Pangea, Spa, Crobar, Star Room, Cain and Pink Elephant, are starting a series of monthly pop-up parties called One Night Only.

The women say their decision was motivated by the realization that "you can't waitress forever," especially as they close in on the age of 30. The first party, known as "Resurrection Sundays," was held last night. For future events, guests will learn the location 24 hours prior to the party's start. TheSix plan to hold 10 annual events, and take their creation across state lines by possibly hosting parties at the Sundance Film Festival, the Superbowl and Art Basel.

Beneath a photo of their article on TheSix and their new venture, the New York Post elects to identify the women by their hair color, dress color and build rather than from left to right. Alexandra Murphy, Lizz Ariosto, Christina Donato, Mariya Dekhman, Ivanka Naydenova and Stefanie Ross are referred to as "black dress," "rust dress, black hair" and "thin, blond, lavender dress." If they're supposed to be going toe-to-toe with their male counterparts, that's one hell of a way to treat them as equals. 

[via New York Post]