Tired of having your dad's weekly Steven Seagal movie binge ruin your Netflix recommendations? Yeah, that could get annoying. But Netflix has finally stepped up to fix the problem of sharing an account with multiple people, and the solution is coming as early as this summer. Yahoo News is reporting that Netflix will debut user profiles for shared accounts, which will mean your tastes and recommended flicks will stay with your account and your account only. 

With the new user accounts, users will be able to select their own avatar, which across Netflix's many apps. As of now, it looks like a single account will be able to hold up to five or six different user profiles, but Netflix hasn't given out an official number as of yet. You'll still only be able to stream from two different profiles at the same time, so don't get your hopes up if you share your account with a large number of people. It may be time to change that password. 

[via The Verge]