Creators: Margaret Cho
Networks (Years): ABC (1994-1995)

Once upon a time Margaret Cho was a big deal. And to celebrate her status as the jaundiced beacon of hope for the Korean community she hired an ensemble cast of every non-Korean ever to catch checks (likely cashed in Korean-owned check cashing facilities-just kidding, all Asians use banks, they're not Italian for chrissakes) playing her family on TV.

The esteemed Dr. George Huang from Law & Order SVU—as in the incredible (and also totally not Korean) B.D. Wong—was cast as her Asian nerd brother (which isn't racist at all since Asian guys are all 100% dweebs) and in one episode Cho's IRL pal Quentin Tarantino swanned in as if gliding on Hokusai's "Great Wave" woodblock print to act in a role as Cho's boyfriend. You know, QT, the guy who does not at all have a weird, fetishistic, fucked-up relationship with Asian culture or anything. And by "Asian culture" we mean, "Japanese culture" but OH WHO CARES CLOSE ENOUGH IT'S NOT LIKE JAPANESE PEOPLE IMPRISONED KOREAN PEOPLE FOR YEARS AND YEARS OR ANYTHING ANYWAY.