Portrayed by: Ryan Hurst
Dies in: "Laying Pipe" (Season 5, Episode 3)

Opie, the heart of SAMCRO, took his first L in season 1 when club leader Clay accidentally had his wife killed (the ATF set him up as a rat, she took his car, it was all one big fail in communication). In the epitome of taking one for the team, he reluctantly buried the hatchet. Clay repaid Opie for his graciousness by murdering his father two seasons later.

We were practically cheering for the shaggy giant to finally pump some lead into his duplicitous president, but plot machinations necessitated Clay’s continued survival. How then, we wondered, could Opie ever agree to sit at the same table as the man who slaughtered half of his family?

That question was quickly deflated just a few episodes into the most recent season when Opie, ever the beleaguered but loyal best friend, literally takes a hit for Jax when the crew are stuck in a prison full of enemies. The look of resignation on Opie’s face (that of a man who became a fan favorite, yet couldn’t get right with life since his wife’s death), right before a lead pipe bashes his brains in, still kind of brings a thug tear to our eyes.