Looks like next season of Shameless is going to be down one major player: According to TVLine, Justin Chatwin, who portrayed Steve/Jimmy during the first three seasons of the series, is officially not returning for the upcoming fourth season.  

The news was revealed by Shameless executive producer John Wells during a TV Academy Emmy panel yesterday in Los Angeles. Chatwin's character, Jimmy was last seen in the penultimate episode of the third season being led onto a boat where his secret wife's drug lord father was supposedly going to kill himaccording to TV Guide, Wells actually confirmed that Jimmy did indeed die, though it wasn't clear in the episode.

The Hollywood Reporter, however, reports that Chatwin "could return for one or two episodes" next season to wrap his storyline up.

RIP Jimmy. You'll be dearly missed—even though we didn't know we should be missing you because you didn't get a proper scene to clarify whether or not you even died in the first place. We're not bitter, what are you talking about?

Season four of Shameless will premiere in early 2014.

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[via TVLine]