In the denial and delusional portion of this week’s recap, let us begin with K. Michelle crooning for Chris in a bodycon dress inside of a church. The Lord and blessed physicians provided her that temple, so she is free to show it off wherever and however as she pleases. After that, Arian—who isn’t that great of a peacemaker—tried to settle K. Michelle’s rift with Mimi in the church parking lot. K. Michelle apologized for her behavior, expressing her love for Mimi despite hitting her in the face with the florists’ finest. Mimi, still pissed about Stevie J 2.0, didn’t really reach out for the olive branch extended. Or maybe she realizes K’s moods swing harder than Joseline at her old gig. Whatever the case, they’re not besties again—yet.

Meanwhile, Scrappy had to piss-nay-yee in a cup and his PO set him up, ya feel me? Unfortunately, something about his urine being too cold and him refusing to do another test prompted a warrant being issued for his arrest. And surprise, surprise, who did he call when in trouble? Well, duh, Momma Dee—but also Erica, his ex-fiancee. Momma Dee was upset, but oh well. In fact, I wish Erica had said in response to her saying, “Wow, you called her?!” by rapping, “Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend.” Next time.

Lastly, who says on a first date, “I heard you was a hoe.” Traci, that’s who. Arian should’ve invited her to church because she clearly needs prayer and healing.