First, some backstory. All the way back in season one of Girls, Hannah receives some startling news that she has HPV. After meeting up with her college boyfriend and discovering not only that he may have transmitted the virus to her, but also that since their break-up he's discovered that he's gay, Hannah talks about the situation with Shoshanna, who imparts some Jessa wisdom on her: "Jessa has HPV, like a couple of different strains of it. She says that all adventurous women do."

It was that last line that resonated with Hannah, and, subsequently, the audience; the episode ends with Hannah updating her Twitter with the phrase, before having an impromptu dance party with Marnie to that Robyn song everyone knows and secretly loves. You can see that clip above.

It looks like the phrase resonated with some more than others—early yesterday morning, Girls fan Tina Wargo tweeted both the official Girls account and creator/star Lena Dunham with a request that is also reserved for the adventurous women of the world:

Dunham saw the tweet and quickly agreed:

And it wasn't long before Wargo's future tattoo was jotted down on a post-it note and posted to Dunham's Instagram:

Wargo went on to write a Buzzfeed post about the experience, titled, "Definitive Proof That Lena Dunham Is (Still) Winning At Social Media." It even came with a little shout-out to the episode where her future tattoo originated: "We enjoy her quirky web presence." She also promised to tweet a picture of the tattoo when it's finished, which is great since we're now all so invested in this saga.

It only seems fitting that we all listen to that undeniably catchy Robyn song now.

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[via Jezebel]