Be careful where you click: there's a Facebook virus going around, and it means business. The virus, named Zeus, runs by using malicious links to gain access to your computer. Once a malicious link is clicked on, the virus will install itself on your computer, lying in wait until you log into your bank account, at which point it will gather and pass along your username and passwords for hackers to walk on in. 

There are three main things to keep in mind with this virus: first, it attacks Windows computers. So if you're on Mac OS X or Linux, you're in the clear. Second, make sure your bank has a two-step verification system. Or three. Or four, at that. When it comes to your money, the more security, the better. Lastly: don't click on links you aren't familiar with! If it comes with the headline, "A new hot leaked video of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber,” don't click it. Malicious links commonly use bait tactics such as this to further entice you to click.