The cast for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy just keeps getting crazier and crazier. The newest addition to the group: John C. Reilly, who has just officially signed on to portray Ronan the Accuser in the film. Ronan the Accuser, if you're not familiar, is the leader of the Accuser Corps, and is a member of the militaristic Kree alien race. Also, he possesses superhuman strength, his armor can make him invisible, and he has a hammer-like weapon that, amongst other things, can teleport him around. 

Rumors of Reilly joining the cast were floating around for ages, but, according to Deadline, it's now confirmed. He joins an already packed cast, which includes Benicio Del Toro, Karen GillanLee PaceThe Walking Dead star Michael RookerChris PrattZoe SaldanaDave Bautista, and Glenn Close. So, basically, a lot of people. 

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