As Seen In: In the Loop (2009)

Playing Tony Soprano, Gandolfini left no doubts about his funny bones, even when he was, you know, cracking kneecaps. In Armando Iannucci's absurd takedown of the Iraq War, In the Loop, Gandolfini delivers his funniest film performance ever, as Lt. Gen. George Miller. Gandolfini's such a carefully physical performer—each breath or puff of the chest tells you something. Playing military brass allows him to spit and bark plenty, but his most charming moment arrives via a chunky pink children's calculator.

To explain the potential death toll of the fast-approaching conflict while at a party, he settles down onto a bed in a child's bedroom and grabs the closest toy. It manages to be hilarious, chilling, and disarming, all at once. He's like a father helping with homework. —RS