As iOS 7 Beta currently is, users are able to take screenshots of Snapchats without any notification sent that a screenshot was taken—which is one of the pillars the Snapchat app was built upon. 

In iOS 7, the behavior behind taking a screenshot has changed. With Snapchat, users have to leave one finger on the screen in order for the picture to be displayed, so when a screenshot is taken, the picture automatically closes and notifies the sender that an unwanted screenshot was taken. But now, touching the screen during a screenshot doesn't cancel out actions in iOS 7, meaning, when you take a screenshot now, the app will stay open, without ever sending a notification or knowing you took a screenshot. As of now, iOS 7 users can take screenshots and go undetected, but if an iOS 6 user takes a screenshot, the iOS 7 user will still be notified. 

Will Snapchat find a way around this, or will you risk using the app knowing screenshots can (and will) be taken?

[via MacRumors]