Director: Doug Liman
Stars: Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, Ron Livingston, Alex Desert, Patrick Van Horn, Heather Graham

The Hollywood fame-seekers in Swingers don't seem all that relatable, at first. Not all men talk in dangerously obnoxious slang ("You're so money, baby!"), dress like Los Angeles douchebags, and spend every single evening inside swanky lounges and nightclubs, though most wouldn't mind having that life. Yet, Swingers (written by star, and future Iron Man director, Jon Favreau) hits home for any guy who's man enough to cop to his deepest faults and insecurities.

With its flawed yet likable characters, Swingers works best as a case study into the psyche of inadequate men who struggle with accepting their inefficiencies. One scene, in particular, exemplifies the movie's honesty: In one of the squirmiest dude moments ever filmed, Favreau's character repeatedly fails while nervously trying to leave a message on a woman's answering machine. If that's never been you in real life, consider yourself lucky. —MB