Director: David Lynch
Stars: Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart, Allen Joseph, Jeanne Bates

Happens all the time: Someone says to you, "Hey, what's David Lynch's Eraserhead about?" You can summarize the plot-as much as there is one—but you can't do it justice. Only the experience matters. 

Starring Jack Nance, Eraserhead is about a guy who has a horrible deformed baby with a woman who soon leaves him to raise the thing on his own.

Misshapen and bizarre characters populate this dreamlike world as the movie moves from scene to scene with an approach that's closer to poetry and experimental cinema than anything in traditional narrative filmmaking.

It's not particularly violent or gruesome, but nearly every shot finds an open wound in the viewer's psyche to poke at, making for one of cinema's most unsettling and transcendent experiences. —JS