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We get it. You're as attached to your phone as Ryan Howard from The Office. You can't be apart from your updates and news feed for more than five minutes. The beach is nightmare for your tech though. All that water is just bound to mess up your gear, and don't even get us started on the sand.

Look no further than the Amphibx Fit Armband from X-1. It fits most iPhones (including iPhone 5) and other smart phones. It has a patented LatchTight closure, is waterproof up to 12ft, and is still thin enough to still allow access to your touchscreen (so you can text that cute girl you met at the surf shop). Even better, the armband also doubles as a floatation buoy, so you'll never lose your phone while splashing in the ocean. It's the perfect case to go from sand to surf, and everything in between.