You can get an even clearer picture of how to disrupt the Heat if you drill down further into the numbers. The Heat’s primary offensive option is always going to be LeBron James, but he’s just as dangerous when he creates for others, and the Heat have shooters like Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen, Shane Battier and even Chris Bosh who can convert 3-point shots.

But in losses, they made fewer of their points off of 3-pointers than in wins (21.9% vs. 26.3%). Teams that beat the Heat couldn’t stop them inside (their points-in-the-paint average was virtually the same in wins and losses), but they could stop them from the arc.

Additionally, when they did make 3-pointers in those losses, more of those shots were unassisted than in their wins (16.8% vs. 12.8%). What that says is that fewer of those looks were open shots made off of passes and more pull-ups off the dribble.