Controlling the Heat obviously starts with the Big Three: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Your biggest problem is James and what you need to do is keep him from getting comfortable, so adjust your settings to double him in the post, deny him the ball when he’s off-ball and double him on screens. The key is not to double him always, because he will definitely find the open man, but to double him at some specific moments to keep him on his toes.

Next up is Wade, who you’ll want to double on drives to cut down on his penetration. You’ll also want to set hard hedges on him when he’s using screens. These adjustments should force him into jump shots and ideally generate some turnovers when he does choose to drive. Bosh is a little trickier because he can hurt you from mid-range as well as down low. Set both the on-ball and off-ball defense on him to tight; this should keep him honest. Doubling onto James and Wade will at times give him open looks, but you’ll live with him shooting 18-footers.