Digital Foundry has compiled an exhaustive report on the new controllers for the PS4 and Xbox One, from their tactile ergonomics to responsive and unique new features.

Here’s a few of the highlights:

“The [PS4 controller’s] touch interface is unique, and presents a more nuanced way to interact with game worlds. It's clickable like a regular laptop mouse pad, and even light touches to its surface are quick in response - in theory, an RTS game based around pinch-to-zoom and panning gestures could find a comfortable home on the platform in future.”

“The "impulse triggers" on the Xbox One are a particularly inspired choice, which have an extra motor linked directly to each shoulder button. While there are no FPSs on the show floor to bear this out, games like Forza Motorsport 5 are well optimised for it, sending a bizarre mixture of vibrations - both bass and treble, if you will - simultaneously to your palms and fingertips as acceleration is modulated.”

“Tightened dead-zones [on the PS4 controller] make games like DriveClub eminently easier to control, but the bigger change here is in the friction of the sticks - increased to bring it closer to the pressure needed on the Xbox One's.”

Chances are if you have any questions on the controller hardware itself, it’s in the link below.

Via Eurogamer