Director: Ben Stiller
Writer: Drake Sather, Ben Stiller, and John Hamburg
Stars: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Christine Taylor, David Bowie, Jon Voight, David Duchovny
Quotable: "I can Dere-lick my own balls, thank you very much."
Fun Fact: Popular novelist Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) sued Stiller for copyright infringement, claiming that Zoolander stole ideas from his 1998 novel Glamorama, about a stupid male model.

Hinging your movie on the lives of male models is a foolproof way to dissuade our interest. Unless they spend the entirety of the film's running time smashing Adriana Lima and Selita Ebanks inside changing rooms, we're good. Well, there is a second way to make us watch a male camera-lover story: Treat it with the industrious dumbness that Ben Stiller supplanted into the offbeat Zoolander.

Portraying a couple of airheads in designer gear, Stiller and Owen Wilson have rarely been better, fully committing to the movie's diligent asininity while making us forget that we're watching a bunch of dudes runway stunt.