Director: Peter Segal
Writer: Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner, and Fred Wolf
Stars: Chris Farley, David Spade, Rob Lowe, Dan Aykroyd
Quotable: [Singing] "Fat guy in a little coat!"
Fun Fact: The character of Tommy graduates from Marquette University, which is where Chris Farley graduated from in real life.

Imagine if Chris Farley hadn't tragically passed away in 1997, at the young age of 33. Would he have sold his soul to the cash-grab gods, a la Adam Sandler, and cranked out films that made Beverly Hills Ninja seem genius by comparison? Or, unlike his Saturday Night Live pal Sandler, would he have found ways to retain the endearingly silly nature of his earliest works? And by that, we're referring to Tommy Boy, Farley's tour de force of quotable lowbrow shenanigans.

Paired with his go-to straight man counterpart, David Spade, Farley tears through this re-watchable romp, about an underachieving man-child who becomes the only hope of survival for his late father's blue-collar auto parts company.

The plot is inconsequential, though—in Tommy Boy, it's all about the sublimely moronic dialogue. Looking to piss off your parents at the dinner table? Just say, in your best Farley grin, "Tommy want wingy!" You just caught one of your friends ogling Kayden Kross photos online? Hit him with, "Are you watching Spanktravision?" Yes, Tommy Boy is the gift that keeps on giving.