Director: Adam McKay
Writer: Will Ferrell and Adam McKay
Stars: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Richard Jenkins, Mary Steenburgen, Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn
Quotable: "I tea-bagged your drum set!"
Fun Fact: The Office's Craig Robinson filmed a cameo for the job-interview montage, playing a potential employer, but it ended up on the cutting-room floor.

Though it ranks at the bottom of Will Ferrell's catalog, 2006's Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby exhibits the chemistry between Ferrell and co-star John C. Reilly. Step Brothers, however, maximizes on their interplay to the point of uproarious combustion.

The simple plot-two 40-year-old man-children become step-siblings against their will-is the perfect setup for sirs Ferrell and Reilly to constantly one-up each other with delusionally egocentric boasts ("I've been called the songbird of my generation") and ruthless insults ("You and your mom are hillbillies; this is a house of learned doctors").

Easily Ferrell's second-funniest movie (keep reading this list for the first), Step Brothers is one of those special comedies that remains laugh-out-loud hilarious with every subsequent viewing. It's a modern-day classic for "Boats N Hoes" alone.