Director: Dennis Dugan
Writer: Tim Herlihy and Adam Sandler
Stars: Adam Sandler, Julie Bowen, Christopher McDonald, Carl Weathers, Joe Flaherty
Quotable: "The price is wrong, bitch."
Fun Fact: The fight sequence with Bob Barker was the first-ever winner of MTV's Best Fight statue at the MTV Movie Awards.

Adam Sandler will go down in history as the patron saint of adolescent humor. Happy Gilmore, his first attempt at sports comedy, is as pubescently targeted as they come-thank God for that. As the world's most out-of-place and violent golf player, Sandler controls the green with gut-busting lash-outs ("Kiss my white ass, ball!") and curmudgeonly remarks ("If I saw myself in pants like that, I'd kick my own ass") and (unwisely) picks a fight with Bob Barker. It's not exactly high art, but who gives a shit? This one always sends us to our happy place.