Director: Tamra Davis
Writer: Dave Chappelle and Neal Brennan
Stars: Dave Chappelle, Jim Breuer, Guillermo Diaz, Harland Williams, Rachel True, Clarence Williams III
Quotable: "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, and fuck you, I'm out!"
Fun Fact: Chappelle actually dislikes the movie, a sentiment he revealed on Inside the Actor's Studio by saying that his original script was toned down into a "weed movie for kids."

The best pot comedies are the ones that remain funny even if you're sober, which is definitely the case with Half Baked. Granted, puffing on some sticky-icky doesn't hurt the enjoyment of this brainless delight; it's just not required.

The central, marijuana-loving best friends-led by the funny-as-ever Dave Chappelle but also including a riotous turn from the lesser-known Guillermo Diaz-do a lot with a little, basically sitting around glassy-eyed and laughing at dumb shit. But when that dumb shit includes a high dog flying through the air and Bob Saget's immortal line "I used to suck dick for coke," we're fine with the lethargy and general lack of hefty conflict.