Director: F. Gary Gray
Writer: Ice Cube and DJ Pooh
Stars: Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long, Paula Jai Parker, John Witherspoon, Regina King, Faizon Love, Tommy Lister Jr.
Quotable: "You got knocked the fuck out!"
Fun Fact: Ice Cube's outfit in the movie's first scene is made up of the exact same clothes he wore at the end of Boyz N the Hood

Given that he had already made a top-notch hood flick (Boyz N the Hood), it could've been easy for Ice Cube to go the cheaper route and make a goofy Boyz spoof. Thankfully, he took the classier path. Much to the delight of street peeps and film critics alike, Cube assembled a tirelessly quotable comedy that didn't trivialize urban life in any way; the result was, and still is, the 'hood comedy to end all 'hood comedies.

Naturally, its success led to a couple of ho-hum sequels, but the crappiness of Friday After Next can't diminish the original's grandness. It's no coincidence that Chris Tucker isn't in the sequels. As the weed-loving sidekick to Cube's straightman, Tucker deserved a Best Supporting Actor nod; that is, if the Academy's headquarters were based in Compton.