Director: Richard Linklater
Writer: Richard Linklater
Stars: Jason London, Adam Goldberg, Anthony Rapp, Matthew McConaughey, Rory Cochrane, Cole Hauser, Milla Jovovich, Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams
Quotable: "That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."
Fun Fact: Matthew McConaughey named his production company, JLK Productions, after his character's motto: "Just keep livin'!"

You don't have to have grown up in the '70s to appreciate Dazed and Confused. In fact, you don't even need to know about Foghat or War. Richard Linklater's nostalgic slice of life stands tall on its own storytelling merits, juggling multiple storylines with effortless skill. The diverse cast members all excel, particularly a then-anonymous Matthew McConaughey as an older, Zen-like slacker and Ben Affleck as a heartless bully.