It's rare that broadcast media has the last laugh over the cultural impact of video games (and even rarer when the word "Fox" is involved), but Fox News reporter John Stossel enjoyed just such a victory over minister Billy Graham in a recent broadcast on Fox Business concerning violent video games.

Graham presented the same old song and dance – namely saying that violent video games are at the root of all societal problems and the country's obsession with violence – before the heroically mustachioed Stossel made a relevant point. 

"You talk about all this stuff coming into our homes in the past 30, 40 years. And you're right, there's much more violence, it's much more horrible," Stossel said. "But crime is down. Youth offenses are down. Maybe it's good for kids?"

As Graham tries to argue his point, Stossel very visibly has a hard time not rolling his eyes before bringing in more evidence to support his case. As you might imagine, it's pretty funny.

Via Youtube