A Florida man was arrested last week for attacking his disabled father during an argument over the correct way to make Kool-Aid. According to law enforcement officials, 22-year-old Brandon Crosley struck his 48-year-old father, Greg, "two or three times in the head" after the elder Crosley saw his son preparing Kool-Aid and told him he was  "doing it wrong." This led to a confrontation that quickly became physical as the younger Crosley "began to punch [his father] in the head with closed fist." Greg Crosley informed police that he had been permanently disabled since a car accident in 2004. 

Brandon Crosley was taken to Brevard County jail where he was charged with felony domestic violence. We have two questions about this incident. First off, how can you punch your disabled father and live with yourself after an argument about something so trivial? Second, how the hell do you fail at making Kool-Aid? There's only one way to do it.

[via The Smoking Gun]