In July 1975, Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa vanished into thin air, last seen in the suburbs of Detroit. For years, theories about what happened to Hoffa and where his body is buried have sprang up, but the mystery has yet to be solved. At 8 a.m. this morning, the FBI resumed their search for the labor union leader's remains. 

The FBI is acting on information from mobster Tony Zerilli, the son of Prohibition-era goon Joseph Zerilli, who claims that Hoffa is buried under a slab of concrete in a field outside of Detroit. Zerilli, who's considered a "highly credible" source, adds that Hoffa was struck with a shovel and then buried alive. The hit was allegedly ordered by the Detroit mob. According to the FBI, Zerilli's claims have been examined closely for months and they have reason to believe there's validity to them.

Here's how Zerilli describes Hoffa's final moments:

"There was an old house with an old barn on the property. As soon as they pulled near the barn, Hoffa was dragged out of the car, and bound and gagged. A shallow hole was already dug in the barn floor. He put up a fight, but he was easily overpowered. …(One of the men) picked up a shovel and cracked Hoffa over the head with it. …They threw him into the hole, and buried him alive. He wasn’t shot, he wasn’t stabbed, nothing like that. A cement slab of some sort was placed on top of the dirt to make certain he was not going to be discovered. And that was it. End of story.”

Zerilli, who was incarcerated at the time of Hoffa's disappearance, denies any involvement. Will this be yet another false alarm, or will the 38-year question regarding Jimmy Hoffa's mysterious death finally be answered?

[via Gawker]