Though the new promos for the O'Charley's steakhouse chain restaurant don't flat-out say that their new "spokes-patron," "Brock Roland," is an homage to/copy of Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson, it's hard not to make the comparisons after viewing their new television commercials.

For example: In one promo, Brock Roland says he'll gamble on "seahorses, push-up contests, and love," but then gets all wax-poetic about his love for sirloin steak and how it has to be just perfect, so of course he only goes to O'Charley's when he wants a good meal. In a second promo, Roland orders not only his beloved steak, but also an order of chicken tenders, which confuses his waiter: "Oh, will someone be joining you?" The naïve waiter questions. "Yes. The chicken tenders," Brock answers. If you don't recall, in Parks and Rec, there was a scene where Ron Swanson ordered, literally, all the bacon and eggs a restaurant hadthe commercial seems strikingly similar to this scene.

Additionally, Brock Roland's appearance—bushy mustache, attire, stoic look on his face—all seem to mirror that of Ron Swanson, as does even the way he speaks.

You can check out one more ad below, and then a clip of the real Ron Swanson for comparison. 

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[via AdWeek]