Address: 320 Lincoln Rd.

SET is that fancy club that's perfect for those special nights out with twelve of your bros and their wifeys. With '30s decor, low-lying tables, and flat cushioned couches, it's the ideal setup for the hours of couch-dancing at the table you've purchased with your parent's pizza shop money. A shout out to the little women in littler dresses with platforms strapped to their feet up there, twitching on those couches for hours on end; that can't be easy, and we appreciate the coordination it takes. Especially being that they're at eye level with a whole floor full of bros fist-pumping in their faces. If those douchettes were to take a single misstep, they'd surely hit a table or two on their way down, take out several sparklers, and plummet into a sea of pummeling fists. When faced with the popular dilemma of what to buy the girl that already has every Louis Vuitton wristlet, consider gifting her with the perfect couch dancing experience. Now that's romance.