For fans of Game of Thrones, video games haven’t been a very kind medium for official titles, at least not yet. Double Fine is looking to change that with Massive Chalice, a new feudal fantasy PC strategy title that’s already blown through its $725,000 Kickstarter goal – and they’ve released a fascinating hour long preproduction video detailing the various facets the gameplay will entail.

Basically, Massive Chalice sounds like it utilizes everything you could possibly want in a medieval strategy game: between battles you get to oversee your kingdom, arrange marriages and politick, while fighting for your kingdom will involve the gameplay tailor-made for fans of Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem, not to mention roguelikes. Even more interesting, Massive Chalice will apparently be multi-generational and feature permadeath, although the political aspect sounds the most unique.

The video goes in-depth into numerous facets of the gameplay and design, not the least of which are weird (and really interesting sounding) elements like equality of sexes and surnames, psychological effects of battle and inevitability of character death through old age. Check out the video below.

Via Youtube