On this past Sunday's season six finale of Mad Men viewers and the Draper children alike finally got a bit of an insight into Don Draper's past when he took them to the site of his childhood home: A rundown Victorian home in Pennsylvania that acted as a whorehouse when he lived there. 

According to the blog Franklin Avenue, though, the actual structure used for the scene is neither run down, or even located in Pennsylvania—it's actually located on Carroll Avenue in the Angelino Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles (that's right near Echo Park, for all you Angelenos), which is a popular area for film shoots because its full of older Victorian homes like the one seen in Mad Men. In fact, it's the same street where ChinatownL.A. Confidential, and Michael Jackson's Thriller were filmed.

As Franklin Avenue points out, the actual housewhich can be seen above, located at 1355 Carroll Avenue—isn't actually as rundown as it appeared to be in the episode. A dilapidated exterior was added in post-production with CGI, in addition to some surrounding apartment buildings.

You can check out photos of both the house in real life and the house as it appeared in the show above. 

Don Draper and Thriller—who knew they'd one day be used in the same sentence?

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[via Franklin Avenue]