It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... pizza? That's right. At least if you're in the United Kingdom, that is. One UK Domino's franchise used a drone—or a "DomiCopter" is what they're calling it—to deliver pizza in a YouTube video they recently posted. The drone, created and controlled by drone company, AeroSight, was flown over a large distance carrying the pizza pie to the waiting customer, where it was sure to be devoured shortly afterward. 

Marketing ploy? Of course. But this Domino's franchise seems pretty serious, and says they will be developing a "Domino's Flight Academy" if the DomiCopter takes off. Jokes aside, if it works, why not? 

Just don't hold your breath if you're in the US, though. The US Federal Aviation Administration won't allow drone delivery due to their rules on unmanned aircrafts, and Domino's says they aren't going to pursue that here anytime in the near future. At least New Yorkers get pizza delivered the old fashioned way.

[via Mashable]