In an interesting, rarely-cut interview with Game Informer, Beyond: Two Souls director David Cage talks about storytelling and game design before Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki joins on the conversation. Whether you like his work much or not, Cage has interesting opinions on video games and the future of the medium, and bringing Suzuki into the fold brings – somewhat inevitably – the discussion to the use (and usefulness) of QTEs.

“QTE is a very strange thing…it really depends on what you expect from your game experience. And this system is not really about skills. So they feel frustrated because they feel like it’s not really a video game because it’s too simple for them,” Cage said. “But other people say “I don’t want to show my skills, I just want to live something and experience something. And if the system works and it’s enjoyable and I can understand it and I can play it, it’s not the in way, fair enough.”

The entire 35 minute interview is great stuff, and well worth your time if you like a non-scripted look at game design.

Via Game Informer