Most recent projects: Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (2008), House, M.D.(2009, Fox)

Prognosis: Frankly, we're surprised that there haven't been any Coming to America/Game of Thrones video mashups floating around the Internet over the last couple of years. Think about it—ing Jaffe versus King Joffrey. Get it? Hello, is this thing on?

He wasn't exactly a softie, but compared to Got's supreme jerk-off king, Jaffe (played by the great James Earl Jones) is a saint, finally allowing his son, Akeem, to marry non-royal Queens girl Lisa. It's fitting that Jones played a king, since he's one of the movie industry's most experienced and adored still-working actors—in 2011, in fact, he received an honorary award at the Oscars. These days, he's mostly voicing animated characters. Good for him—50 years in the business gives you every right to take it easy.