Comedy Central is going back to the basics. Television's comedy leader has just released a new app for iOS called CC: Stand-Up, which features more than 6,000 clips of stand-up comedian routines, all the way from Louis C.K. to Daniel Tosh. It's optimized for iPhone and iPad (it looks especially good on the iPad), and there is an Android and Xbox version coming out in a few weeks. 

Just hit "Channel" or "Featured" within the app and pick a video. The app will play a short clip of a comedian's performance, usually between 1 to 5 minutes, and it will continuously play videos until you press pause. Stand-Up categorizes the short clips between a variety of different sections, like Dark Humor (our favorite), Best One-Liners, and "Discover," which is one of the coolest features of the app. "Discover" gives you other things that are associated with what you're watching, by topic, genre, production credits, and random trivia connections. 

Best part of this thing? It's free. Right now. So, download it and say good-bye to productivity for the rest of your day. 

[via The Verge]