Bret Michaels has another reality show that takes place on a bus. Unfortunately for us, it's not going to be Return to Rock of Love Bus (was there any greater tribute to America's white trash?). He's starring on Rock My RV on the Travel Channel, where he'll make RV owners' dreams come true in a mix of Pimp My Ride and Extreme Home Makeover

"I enjoyed it [Rock of Love]. But you know what? I’m good for right now. I’ve had a good run," Michaels said. "I’ve gotta, you know, step off the Rock of Love bus and step over to rockin’ my RV, and show them how I actually work on these things." Michaels also said he's a "drealist" (a dreamer and a realist, obviously), so he won't be putting any fish tanks in people's cars like Xhibit did.

His other road trip essentials include gas station hot dogs and R&B while exercising on his stationary bike. "I’ll slide from listening to rock into some good classic country, into some pop, back into some R&B, all of a sudden I got a little reggae on, and then I’m going from Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney back to Metallica. It keeps my mood right, it changes it up as I’m going along," he said.

Ok. But he's going to pick up some skanks along the way, right?

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[via Vulture]