Just a year after Ridley Scott revisited his classic Alien franchise with Prometheus, word has come from The Wrap that a writer has been found for the director’s follow-up to his iconic sci-fi film, Blade Runner. According to the site, Michael Green is in negotiations with Alcon Entertainment to write the script for the movie, which Scott will again be directing. Green is perhaps most famous—or infamous—for being one of the writers behind 2011’s Green Lantern, Smallville and Heroes.

Alcon still hasn’t confirmed if the movie will be a prequel or sequel to the original, but a source close to the production has told The Wrap that it will be set well after the events of Blade Runner. Of course the time period might all depend on whether or not Scott convinces Harrison Ford to reprise his role as Rick Deckard for this yet-untitled film. If not, we can see a new Blade Runner movie following the Prometheus formula – a sequel set in the same world, but not focusing on the same characters.

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[via The Wrap]