Developer:  Iron Galaxy Studios

Moment of complete honesty here: I've been dying to talk to anyone that will listen about how fucking dope this game looks. 

Capcom ruled the quarter cabinets of the 90s with plenty of phenomenal 2D beat-em ups. Anyone remember their Aliens vs Predator title? Still better than that garbage SEGA title whose name we will never speak again.

Anyway, Chronicles of Mystara is a perfectly curated, current day homage to those 2D arcade titles. Offering a much deeper RPG experience than it's two spiritual predecessors,Tower of Doom and Shadow of Mysatara, the game is a perfect love letter to both D&D nerds and Capcom arcade enthusiasts. A richly devoted commitment to the source material is sure to have D&D devotees checking how much they need for a saving throw against Beholders, Hippogryphs, and Gnolls. Mystara is perfect for you and four friends to play co-op as you relive the cartoony glory days of roller rinks and movie theater lobbies gone by.