Perfect for: Little kids (and drunk college students)

Wiffle ball is right above tee ball in terms of the most basic baseball skills. The stakes are much lower, with underhand throwing and plastic bats and balls (to replace wood and leather). It's a great way to teach younger family members the basics of baseball. On the flip side, the wiffle ball bat is an integral part of the classic drinking game "dizzy bat," a game that centers around drinking, spinning in circles and attempting to hit an empty can. Either way, there will be people acting like children.

How to play: Wiffle ball plays just like normal baseball. There's four bases, and the batter must round all four and come to home base before a run is counted. The ball is pitched underhand however, making for slower pitches and shallow hits. 

Dizzy bat begins by having the batter chug and entire beer via the small hole found at the bottom of a plastic wiffle ball bat. While chugging, surrounding participants count out how many seconds it takes the batter to chug their beer. When the batter finishes chugging, they must set down their bat and spin around in a circle with their head on the bat for the same time it took them to chug their beer. Then they must toss an empty beer can into the air and hit it. If they miss, they must spin again three more times. This continues until the batter hits the can.