Crime goes hand in hand with Baltimore's jails, but it's a lot deeper (and more sordid) than you think. According to a federal indictment,  the Baltimore City Detention Center is ruled by gang members who employ the corrections officers. Through the C.O.'s, prisoners are able to sneak cell phones and drugs into the facility,  and relationships with female guards are bragged about—on both ends.

Tavon White, 36, has been identified as the head honcho. White, who was being detained for attempted murder, became a gang leadera "Bushman." During his stay, he's said to have impregnated four female guards, including one on two separate occasions. 

Worse, the guards are proud of their dealings with high-ranking gang members, as it brings them notoriety and money. Inmates even took the whole undergrad "body count" chart to gross levels, listing the C.O.'s who are willing the trade sex for money on the prison walls.


[via Gawker and Associated Press]

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