Needless to say, smartphones are power hungry. How many times have you had to change your plans to accommodate going back home, just to charge your phone for another hour?  

AT&T is hoping to have those days come to an end by working with Goal Zero, a solar kit manufacturer, and Brooklyn's Pensa Design, to bring New York City residents Street Charge: a series of solar-powered charging hubs, which will include charging connections for iPhone (both the Lightning and classic 30-pin connections), and micro-USB cables for Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices. There will also be three female outlets for USB connections if you happen to have your cable with you. 

The charging stations will run 24-hours a day, and are available starting today at Fort Green park, and will be opened across other parks and pubic destinations through the summer months, including Union Square, Coney Island, Central Park Summerstage, Randall's Island, Governor's Island, and Hudson River Park.