Remember when everyone said warmer weather was supposed to usher in the Great Cicada Mating Session in New York City and the rest of the East Coast? For the most part, they're nowhere to be found and probably won't be ruining your life with their mating ritual anytime soon. "I would suspect that 90 percent of the cicadas have already emerged, if they are going to emerge," says College of Mount St. Joseph cicada expert Gene Kritsky

Kritsky says this is a result of changing landscapes. "If trees were removed from areas where cicadas had emerged in the past and they are not within a mile of other cicadas, then the population would not replenish itself. This has resulted in a very sporadic distribution of the cicadas in more urban areas." 

Cicadas have apparently been disappearing in the Northeast in general. So basically, NYC residents have very little to worry about.

[via Daily Intelligencer]

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