How many times has Facebook saved you from forgetting your best friend’s birthday? And how many times have you forgotten to get that best friend a gift? Luckily, Amazon has launched Amazon Birthday Gift—the simple, fun and social way to give gifts.

Amazon Birthday Gift allows people to start a virtual gift by adding a $1, $5, $10 or $25 Gift Card to a birthday message on Facebook. Once the Gift Card is created, anyone can join in and add to the gift. The more friends that add to it, the more the Gift Card grows. Then on the day of the recipient’s birthday, the Gift Card will appear on his or her Facebook timeline along with the link to claim the Gift Card on Amazon. And for a limited time, Amazon Birthday Gift users may be eligible for a $3 Amazon credit to use for further gifts or purchases.

Thanks to Amazon its now that much easier to get your friends together to chip in for gifts and cutting out the hardest part about gift giving—figuring out what to get.

[via Amazon]