Woody Allen returns to the States in his latest movie, Blue Jasmine. Though Midnight in Paris and To Rome With Love were postcards from Europe, this one is a bit less lighthearted. Cate Blanchett stars as a wealthy woman (Jasmine) whose duplicitous husband (Alec Baldwin) not only cheats on her but makes away with all her money. She's forced to go visit her grocery store clerk sister (Sally Hawkins) in San Francisco.

Blanchett's Jasmine is spoiled, pill-popping, and inconsiderate, but we're guessing she learns a lesson from all of this. "Cate Blanchett is the lead. She is truly one of the five greatest actresses in the movies of her generation," Baldwin said. "She is so talented and just a lovely professional woman. And it was just a thrill to be able to do scenes with her because I hadn't done those kinds of heavy scenes in quite a while."

Blue Jasmine also stars Louis C.K., Bobby Cannavale, Peter Sarsgaard, and, that's right, Andrew Dice Clay. It opens July 26. 

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